Walking School Bus

Silas Willard Elementary School is proud to participate in the Walking School Bus partnership this year! We hope you'll join us! 

What is a Walking School Bus (WSB)?
A WSB is a fun way to get to school as a group! Children walk under adult supervision along a recommended route to school.
Why Should I Join?
A WSB is an opportunity for children to learn important pedestrian safety skills. WSBs can help reduce the number of parents dropping off children to school, which means reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality around the school. In addition, if your child participates, they will get more physical activity, which will help keep them healthy and prepare them to learn for the day. Finally, it will save you time. Imagine volunteering for WSB just once a week, and having four free days where you do not have to worry about getting your child to school!
What does it cost?
The program is free! It relies on adult volunteers, and the more volunteers, the more days a walking school bus can run.
How do I sign up my child?
It is easy! Just fill out the attached Walking School Bus Consent Form and return it to your school.